Sumerius and Pepperfingers

Incense burns

Smoke rises in spirals

Right before our eyes

In our youth we find ourselves

Hot to speak the truth

No lies


As we deal with our descent

To make us wise

Ascending together

With new powers

Equal in our lives

The perfect circle and cycle

Is a mirror of our wholeness!

Yes, the time is now for us

To enjoy the garden

To ensure the establishment

Of the cosmic order

Capsicum and Jalapeno

Habanero and Chili Pepper

Noble Gas

Balloons of rainbow colors

Float through blue skies

Children of all ages

Tingle with the sight

In the distance

A blimp of tremendous size

A ship so graceful

How does this shape fly?

Helium filled

And lighter than air

Gliding in the wind

All eyes hold on

And go for a ride!

Nightlife silhouette

Blinks in

Rhythmic designs

To match the spirit

Of the humans inside



Ferris wheels a turning

Come and get your fill

Ready for some action

Lights ignite the thrill

Neon flashing

Polarized currant

Advertising in color

In the vacuum of space

Light shows draw us

To new places

It's a Noble Gas

Of a Royal Strain

Not of this Earth

Black lights

Bring life to our senses

Gathering of pleasure seekers

Riding the waves.

Argon is enchantment

Beams of light on the wall

Glowing Violet to Red

Atmosphere with one who cares

To share in the fun!

Next to light waves

Travels sound

Expressing thoughts and feelings

Which abound

Hey it's great to hear you

How do you do?

Sending messages of

I love you!

Krypton reddish beauty

Used as laser beams

Transceiving our communications

As automatic as to breath

Microscopic information

Is gathered with precision

Searching in all directions

For the tools that give us flight


Kinetic energy


Get us on our way

Xenon, Radon

Partners Exchanging

Independent and together

So much to give

It's a Noble Gas

Of a Royal Strain

Not of this Earth

Garden of Hyperspace

In the Garden of Hyperspace

Can I invite you along with me?

On an inter-dimensional journey

Truly we're made of vibrating strings

The beauty leaves you quivering

In the Garden of Hyperspace

We are the children of distant stars

In search of the new paradise

Life is worth our living

Delights in what we know

The Machine Elves

Our universal heart

Is a hologram

Experiences shared

Sending thoughts to you

Travel through space and time

to parallel places.

You'll see me here

I'll see you there

The Machine Elves

Power Station

Power Station


Open wide look inside


During quiet time

Center in & then we let it flow

Love energy

Rainbow glow

Power Station




Evolve gracefully

Floating body high

Our beauty lies within the Eye

Our Smile

Love is our power

Spooky Cafe

From the top, we didn't know exactly why

We were moved to go to the village that night,

Knowing the city was not exactly the same these days

The whispering wind still blew through the stone arches in the park,

Where the creatures use to meet.

Like now, the squares, young and old had moved into town.

But man, we just had to make the scene

That's when the action took an eerie left turn.

We found ourselves in front of a place

That we knew was not there the time before.

The sign said, "The Cafe Like Life"!

Our usual cool demeanor was slightly unnerved,

But man, we couldn't split then.

We went through, and did the slide in and down a long thin staircase

That seemed to go well beyond the cellar floor, down and down.

There was a familiar scent in the air,

A combination of espresso coffee

And "Sinnnce I don't have you"

Was being played live, on bongos and keys,

With the lights down real, real low.

There were cool chicks and hip cats

In garb as black as midnight

Engaged in some off the top

Brain stimulation, yeah, yeah, yeah

Don't let the ghosts and the ghouls disturb you (Vincent Price)

Dimensions start to change

Hearing different worlds

Swirling lights

Looking round, we see enlightened faces

I tried to speak your name

Lights came out instead

We visualize

Energized we harmonize as one

We hold each other's hands

Our thoughts they expand


We knew by then, we had gone another octave down and out

Where the temperature never goes above absolute zero

About as subterranean as any one group

Of inner space adventures could dream of going

Until then, there,

Through the smoke and exponential decor

We see this flipped out daddy glowing

Intensely laying in on his way out keys

Persuading some intense molecules to our ears

And some gassy chick

Wailing out a tuned in tale

With a turned on beat.

Beaming out an over the top message

From some crazy place beyond

Yeah, yeah, go baby wail.

We knew without saying

When the most are up there

Just sit back and groove on this

Flipped out scene

Yes, Yes traveler, like wow!

The prism of life was

Right in focus that night

We were no longer in dragsville

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I promise you one thing, this is a thriller (Boris Karloff)

Dancing without words

Enjoying what we've heard


Our frequencies together reform reality

We're changing for sure

In the universe next door

We're sensitized

Immersed in infinite waves from the great void

A soothing ecstasy

Up through eternity

Together now

Next time you're compelled to

Come in for a visit

You'll always be welcome

At the Spooky Cafe!

Drive a Cleaner Wave

Engines primed and revving high

The sun is shining in the morning sky

With special friends and tunes inside

We tach it up and wave bye bye

Our muscle cars they looks real mean

Shift high listen to her whine

Turning heads as we go

We'll ride together side by side

Having fun all the way to the sea & sand

Drive a cleaner wave

Drive a cleaner wave

Ingenuity to make corrections

A planet to save

New ways to make it happen for us

Put your foot to the plate

Zero to 60 in four seconds

She's slinky & lightweight

Low to the ground high tech roadster

The air smells just as sweet

With my solar powered electric engine

The sky is clear and clouds float by

Drive down the surf route time really flies

We're almost there let it fly

All the way to the coast line

The surf is up I grab your hand

We run to see the pipeline

Breaking on the warm sand

We'll build a fire on the beach tonight

Snuggle up and hold each other so tightly

Drive a cleaner wave

Drive a cleaner wave

Accelerate with Cobra motion

Power in our hands

To put a stop to global pollution

Tesla had it straight

AC powered induction motor

Step up don't be late

For Lithium Ion Revolution

Science Faction

Cross Linkage

Free Radical

Decreasing Oxygen

Change Programming

Travel along

Spirals to longevity

Recombine the DNA

Genetically recreate

Toning up the muscles

For we need to be in shape

Tuning in the brainwaves

For us to translate, translate


Micro algae



Enjoying this lifestyle

Together make it real

Realizing how nutrients

And supplements make me feel

Have an enzyme cocktail

To try a brand new way

Call me a fanatic

Of course, who's to say?

A new view science faction

I won't be left behind

Do you know this song and dance?

Dance, dance, dance

Penetrating passageways

Probing with hi fidelity

Bodies smell of flowers

Chemistry and electricity

Circle of friends


Designing our lives

Space and time

To enjoy and explore!

Nature is technology

Nature is technology


Hey Comrades

Are you from over there? Hey

Hello Buddies

We just want to say, Ok

Hey Comrades

There's so much to share, Hey

Hello Buddies

Let's try it out today

Hey Comrades

Rubles for the fares, Hey

Hello Buddies

Parading in the squares, Ok

Hey Comrades

Great gymnastic feats, Hey

Hello Buddies

First woman in space, Ok

We share the world, my friend

Tamed the wilderness

People are what make us great

Our differences we celebrate

From our strings comes forth a tune

Sing and dance under the moon

Preserve the best of all

To have a dream another day

Ruskies wear babuskies

Vodka to keep warm

Dance their Sabre Dances

Til their feet are worn

Kremlin is the emblem

Of their sovereign state

Discipline is the message

You'd better keep it straight

Hey, hey, hey Comrades

Are you from over there

Hello Buddies

We just want to say, Hello

Hey, hey, hey, Comrades

Yes, we'refrom over here,

Hello Buddies

We just want to say, let's share!

Sifting through the Pravda

To find the truth today

The Faux News lock down

Is a familiar way

Don't turn the masses into asses

All sides have to deal with this

To get back to the truth

Hippest of all Trips: A New Groove

Ah, as we remember

All of the in times

A building of dreams of love

Wanting to be free.

Fragile, as we may be

Time to make changes

With hopeful schemes

We're re-arranging


To swing

To bring

Us closer to the source of

The part we play.

Open the doorway

To see what's behind it

To follow the rainbow

To us

Silent But Deadly

Silent But Deadly

Pressure from the past has something to say

Silent But Deadly

Coming Up from behind you can't get away

Silent But Deadly

Sneak through darkness

To meet you there

Exotic places

There's danger there

Slide in beside me

Sense the heat

Under the sheets

A place to start my love

We know how to be alive

Come close

We're on fire

Silent but deadly

Secrets held within can't be concealed

Silent but deadly

Even though you can't hear it, it's for real

Silent but deadly

Use your scents could save your life

Silent but deadly

Hidden places

Sweeten the air

Of our love affair

Suddenly there

These moments

That we share

Smile for a while

And make us complete

Whenever we embrace

It helps us forget the end of night

When we must face the light

Silence is deadly

No one will know

No one can tell

Who are the ones

Planning the scene?



No one will know

No one can tell

Who are the ones

Pulling the strings?


Snakes Eagles & Doves

Overriding Justice

Pretending there's tranquility

Sending soldiers over there

To promote corporate greed

Illusions of liberty

Taught to our community

Making changes to destroy the

Constitution from within.

We know what's going on

We've looked under the rocks and

Saw you slithering there

Now the snake will eat its tail

Fluoride to be passive

Vaccinations make me sick

Better life with Prolof

Fast Food Fat Quick

GMO kill the Bees

Booze keeps me drinking

Used to love the flashing

Now I just stop thinking

United Steaks of America

Controlling brain Washington

Perpetual war for Corporatists

Thermite Particle Beam

Build a new world odor

Giving a stinking specimen

Telecoms are watching me

This is it to keep us free?

We know what's going on

We've looked under the rocks and

Saw you slithering there

Now the snake will eat its tail

We know that it's wrong

Ww've looked under the rocks

And saw you slithering there

Now the snake will eat its tail

Founding Fathers were terrorists

With their god damn gun rights

Chosen ones say to the sheeple

Yes, we have the right to

Wipe our butts on the Bill of Rights.

It's just a piece of paper

Thought we had a new paint job

Instead a good shellacking!









Listen to the voice of reason

Don't forget who you are

Treasure every moment

These are very special times

Stand up and touch the sky

Eagle will fly with the dove Now!

Return to a Melody

Hearing words you say

Saying thoughts I hear

Happiness composing

Balance in a Zen world

To write a song that's peaceful

To match the love that we feel

Listen for a way

Telling of a new day

Bodies engineering

Enlightenment a future

To go from here no waiting

Create a real paradise

Let us share in the love with a big hug

Be the ones to rise above


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