About us headline
About us headline
Whispers in the wind
Tell of what is meant to be
In the Land between two Rivers
Something is calling me

Water from the mountians
Fertile soil to the shores
of the Tigress and Euphrates
Agriculture was born

Working together
To share the work load
Time for honing our skills
to receive a fair share of the yield.

Tonight beside the Cypress Tree
We hear the night birds sing.
Voices in the desert winds, say,
Experience me.
Exotic treasures
Mysterious pleasures
Calls to me like an oasis

Mother Earth is fruitful
Sweet figs, dates and peaches
to cultivate a new and special

Learn to read & write
With clay & cuneforms
Keeping records and
Writing stories about
Life, Love and Law.

Many achievements
enhanced by the beauty
of just how precious life is,
on the golden sands.

Hear them blow the trumpets
In the Epic of Gilgamesh
About a journey to longevity
The roots are here.
In the land between two rivers
The wheat seed was sprouted
And the air flows
in the reeds like fire.

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