About us headline
Many shades of blue
Are a backdrop to
The white fluffy clouds
That float by in the breeze
Breathe in the air
The scent is so sweet
Birds are chirping in the trees
As I tell you
The Legend of Johnny Spray.

Clouds that look too much like lines
Crisscross to form a grid
Air tankers flying back and forth
Leaving behind their mark
These are not contrails
They last much too long
They skywrite a story
That disperses into haze
Just before a storm
Right before our eyes

Johnny don’t
believe that stuff.
Ain’t seen no spraying,
White trails, above.
Now, Johnny’s
Not that dumb.
No need to look up
Everything is good.

Part of the experimentation
Delivery of immunization
A method of genocide.
Sky shield for global warming
Weather control to suit the need.
Chemtrails equal biowarfare
Aluminium, Barium, Pathogens
Sprayed into the air
By Mutating Orbs
HAARP is pulsing XYZ

Johnny don't
Worry none
He's takin' his pill
Into Zozac Land
Now Johnny
Knows the Truth
Heard it from a Pilot
Who spoke real good

Johnny understands
Ashcroft lost his pants
Hydrogen Gas

Yi Yo

Yahoo’s are everywhere
Watch those Solar Flares
That’s right

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