About us headline
About us headline
Once in a time there was a kingdom
Dancers and jugglers filled the square
Mimes and poets tell a story
Of the aristocrats full of gas.

Middle persons pay the taxes
Whilst the Nobles have gone mad
Behind the castle wall

Twin castle walls tower
High above us
Dark sky full of clouds
Moving slowly

The drawbridge coming down
To let us in
Hurry now don’t be late
Welcome to the spin

Into the royal courtyard
Of our host
We get an illusive taste
Of the other side

The king spoke of
The mightiest of wars
Waging in the middle land
To settle a score

A call to arms
The flags are waving
All young men must go
Our lives are not our own

This is a dangerous game
They want us to play
The time has come
Resist or get away.
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