About us headline
About us headline
Something's coming’
the astronomers said
one day on the news.
A science fiction,
only in real life.
What to we do?
You know the one
where there's one chance
to save the day.
Well there's a rock on the way.
Can we afford to look away?

Let's not take a look out there
I can't see it anywhere
It can't happen in this way
So then, I will just ignore it.

The night is dark
when you don't see.
Where will you be next,
on your knees?
The fear it runs so deep
comes in your sleep
a prayer with no plan
is your destiny.

What’s the answer?
We’ve seen the craters -
where asteroids hit before.
Shook the world.
Till there were no more
Mighty Dinosaurs
Blocked out the day.
It gets awfully cold.
For a very long time
Is there something we can do?

Beat the drums and dance at night
But be sure it will arrive
we have got to find a way
or we could be lost forever!

Oh man can you dig it?
We could take those nuclear blasts
and thrust it on it’s way.
Fusion Energy for constructive
Purposes for a change.
How about a solar sail?
To go up there and change it’s path, oh yeah. oh yeah.
Or maybe mass drivers to push that rock along.
Rather say it was a Close Call
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