Bizarro World Radio Network

1 - Intro Aliens

2 - Unsteady State of The Union

3 - Bad Cops Gone Worse including Live Performance

4 - Blather Social Security

5 - Ed Foo Scoo

6 - Weather or Not

7 - Spraying Saguaro Stooges

8 - The Legend of Johnny Spray

9 - Soverign Pretzel

10- I Love Torture

11- Blather Finite Number

12- Kingdom of the Dumbking

13- Blather War Toys

14- A Tale of Two Sandboxes

15- Blather Depleted Cranium

16- Grunt vs Groan

17- Neo- Consumption including Live Performance

18- Digital Devil

19- Blather Microbiologist

20- To Tell A Lie

21- Blather Chastity

22- Holy Porn

23- Blather WARP

Thetaloops - Suzi Scout, Ed Foo, White Cloud, Randi Rhodes,
Madame Flatblatzky, Vocals, Live Keyboards, Scripts

Swamp Gas - President Pretzel, Osama Bin Goldstein #1,
Johnny Spray, Tex Abaddon, The Digital Devil, Keyboards, Music,
Voices, Samples, Scripts

VonOrn - Irwin Corey, Joe McCarthy, KrellWell,
The Gipper, The Dick, 50 Dinar, BM, Live Percussion, Scripts

The Mechanic - Rock Troutweiler, Seedy Gonzales,
Osama Bin Goldstein #2, Snarl Rogue, WolfShitz, Samples,
Scripts, BG Vocals

Daxe - Numero Blather, Osama Bin Goldstein #3, Samples and
Music (Bizarro Motor Works) Live Bass Guitar, Scripts

CDack - Clem Trails, Biff Broccoli, Scripts

Professor Patty - Slam Coldtar, Live Keyboards

Jim Carozza - Electric Guitar Live Performances

Willie Watt - The News Theme with Aliens

Judy - Lanquid Pretzel

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G.R.O.W. or Galactic Researchers of Weirdness is Noble Gas' first CD

4th Blowing of the Great Nose Noble Gas 2nd CD. Predictions galore from 1993-1997

One Foot Above The Ground Noble gas New Disc on Canadian American Records

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