Noble Gas was conceived in 1978, in Los Angeles. The "Gassers", as they are known, are musicians, as well as mime players, and 3D animators.

1980 & 1981 saw the group stretching outside the bounds of synth-pop, jazz fusion, & progressive rock.

1982 to 1984 were very strong years for the band. The release of the first home-brewed cassettes, "Invaders From Earth", and "Strange in your Windows". Sampling was added, as well as, more elaborate stage & theatrical performances.

1985, after relocating to New Jersey, the performances developed even more and included monsters, aliens, robots, coordinated video and light sequencing, dead and live political figures, cross dressers, priests, cowboys, you name it. Noble Gas appeared at science fiction conventions, rave parties, avant-garde clubs, college concerts, and on the infamous 'Uncle Floyd Show' on local cable a dozen times. Noble Gas has developed an underground reputation, as "The Band That Defies Description", as coined by Uncle Floyd himself. Changing their appearances to tell the story. There were also appearances on CTN cable in collaboration with Comcast Video, and Chiller Theatre's Sci-fi conventions.

1993, they released their first CD "G.R.O.W. , Galactic Researchers of Weirdness". The music began to be heard on public sponsored and university radio stations throughout the United States. Noble Gas has appeared on two compilation discs on Caprice International Records, with Joey Welz, the keyboardist from Bill Haley and the Comets. We showcased the songs 'Cool Tek' and 'Exit 13a'. Other artists such as the Four Tops, Jimmy Jones, and the Fireflies were also on these compilations.

1997, Noble Gas released their second disc called '4th Blowing of the Great Nose'. The music is like a sound track, carrying the story and the beat, always with the bizarre and unusual in mind. The beat matches the subject matter, evolving through as the story unfolds. It's scary, to the point where your hair stands up on your neck. Yet, always a twist, to trigger a laugh and an optimistic possible future. One of their most memorable performances was created for this CD release.

1997 to 2001, Noble Gas appeared on the compilation CDs, POY - Point of Yucca, Vol 2. & Vol 3 and contributed to the multimedia CD ROM compilation called 'Enhanced Gravity', all for Yucca Tree Records in Switzerland.

1998, they released "Ocean of Space", their original video debut.

2000, to now, Noble Gas's attention comes from the MP3 versions of the songs on the different sights around the web. And emails from fans around the world.

2003-2004, the main attention was on the release of the third CD, "One Foot Above The Ground" and first DVD with new songs and music videos. It is a return to the song structure of the first CD, G.R.O.W. The political aspects are less prevalent, but still there, with a concentration on more sensory surround sound. Ranging from spacey love songs, to surreal medieval adventures, always a lot to listen to and think about.

2006 saw the release of their 4th and 5th CDs called "Bizarro World Radio Network" and "Greatest Hits". Bizarro World was inspired by Don Joyce of Negativland to be a show on his "Over The edge" series, but literally got out of hand, and became a 2 CD set. It is a hilarious look at our current political situation in the world.

Noble Gas is now signed onto Canadian American Records, with Joey Welz, the President and keyboardist with the inventors of Rock and Roll, Bill Haley and The Comets and their own label Green Menace Records.

A search on any online CD retail stores such as Amazon, iTunes, or CDBaby, and the like, can find Noble Gas there.

****************************details of current projects******************************


DVD - Noble Gas is now authoring DVDs. "Horizontal Gravity", "Ocean of Space" remake, and a history of Noble Gas is on DVD. Upcoming videos are "Kingdom of the Dumbking", "Black Hole Bounce", "Look Into My Eyes"

The 6th CD, "The Hippest of All trips - The Return To Reality" is about 1/3 done, and some of the songs are already posted here.

******************************about the band******************************

Noble Gas creates all the music, graphics and video.

Mike "Molecular Persuader" Lutgen and Lily "Thetaloops" Lutgen, mix, engineer, do the video editing, song writing, DVD authoring, CD package design, costume design and production. Their satiric, erotic, high tech, organic, science fiction, environmentally and socially conscious persona permeates all the songs and the artwork. There are many guests who appear on various songs and videos.